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Annual Sexual Harassment
Training Requirement

Did You Know? All Illinois employers must provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to their employees. When professional licensees renew every two years, they must indicate that they have completed one hour of harassment prevention training. A new law became effective in 2019 that all Illinois employers are required to train employees on sexual harassment on an annual basis. This requirement applies to all employers with employees working in this state. Employers must either develop their own training program that equals or exceeds the minimum standards as outlined in Section 2-109(8) of the Illinois Human Rights Act CIHRA), or they may use the model training provided by the IDHR. 

Details During a License Renewal Year: A new law from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation became effective in 2019. It has mandatory sexual harassment training as part of the current number of continuing education requirements for licensure renewal under the Civil Administrative Code. This requirement does not add to the CE hours, but is required as part of the existing number of required hours.

Visit These Links for More Details About the Requirements

AIA Illinois partnered with AIA National to develop an Illinois-centric course which can be found in AIAU (it is $25 for members). Be aware if you’ve already taken this course, you cannot take it again for credit. If this is the first time, this credit will be posted to member transcripts.  As per Standards for Continuing Education Programs, page 10: “Members may repeat the same course, but no additional credit will be granted or recorded.”


If you have additional questions about the specific state requirements, we recommend contacting IDFPR and IDHR.


HELPLINE: (877) 236 7703

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