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The purpose of The AIA Trust is to develop and offer insurance and benefit programs of the greatest possible value and to serve as a risk management resource for members and components of the American Institute of Architects.

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Comprehensive risk management for AIA members

The AIA Trust helps protect your firm and your future with competitive, affordable insurance products and free risk management resources.

  • Insurance: AIA Trust offers a range of insurance products designed to protect what matters most—your practice, your firm, and your family. They work with members and experts to select top-tier products that meet strict quality standards and work for individuals and firms of any size. They also serve as your member advocate, which means they help you get information and claims handled promptly.

  • Legal: AIA Trust’s legal network can connect you with a qualified AEC construction lawyer, and our unique, members-only legal information service can help you manage the legal risk of your business.

  • Retirement: Ensuring a financially secure and comfortable retirement starts with planning. AIA Trust’s retirement plans offer a range of solutions to help you build the financial base that will fund your future.

  • Resources: Their extensive resource library covers every risk management topic to help you understand, avoid, and successfully deal with every type of risk.

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