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Getting Involved

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AIAspire Student Leadership Conference


Exclusively for AIAS members and architecture students, this event is designed to enhance the understanding of traditional and alternative career paths through keynote speakers. Students engage with and seek coaching from industry professionals in small groups throughout the conference. Click here

A Student's Perspective

"AIAspire had many programs for students to attend and learn about leadership as well as practice in the architecture field," said Mai S., an architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology. "It was fascinating to hear about architects' various student-professional journeys during a casual panel discussion by licensed architects and a presentation by a successful award-winning architect."

"The portfolio review was an excellent opportunity for students to hear professional opinions and get feedback on improving them. At a firm tour at LEGAT, we heard about the new challenging project they have worked on recently. It was very intriguing to hear how they approached the project and solved the problem. An open discussion about leadership was valuable to hear others' practice in leadership roles, as I am the president of AIAS at IIT," Mai said.


"And last but not least, we had a presentation about managing time and stress. This was especially useful for us as architecture students who struggle with time, being full-time students, and leading a student organization."

More About AIAspire


Following in the footsteps of the successful AIA Illinois Leadership Institute and Master Class programs, AIAspire was created exclusively for AIAS members who aspire to become leaders in the field of architecture. AIAS member applicants are selected annually from each Illinois accredited architecture school.

The goal of the program is to enhance one's understanding of traditional and alternative career paths through high-level presentations, one-on-one engagement with leading industry professionals, and offer networking connections.

This student leadership conference demonstrates the value of AIA membership and grooms future leaders of our profession and our organization.

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