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Elgin Math + Science Academy Campus | Wheeler Kearns Architects

"The Future of Work"AIA Illinois 2024 Annual Conference
Oct. 23-24, 2024 | Elgin, Ill. | Registration Coming Soon

Oct. 23: at Elgin Math & Sciences Academy (progressive tour and presentation)

Oct. 24: at Holiday Inn & Suites Elgin (including keynote presentations, breakouts, and a small sponsor expo)

Questions? Email AIA Illinois Associate Director Mary Young at or (217) 522-2309 X3.


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Questions? Contact Lydia Brahler at or (217) 522-2309 X1


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David Zach | Futurist

The Future of Work: Less Artificial, More Intelligence | As AI and automation dramatically change the way we work, we need to dig a little deeper into the choices we’re making about all these innovations. Will we come to regret embracing some of these fancy predictions about the new and improved future for design, architecture and planning? In this fascinating and fun keynote presentation, David Zach sparks the day’s conversations on how our designs today can build a more interesting future. 


Timothy Hawk, FAIA

Tim’s design lecture on the future of design...and the evolving design of the workplace generally, but also the future of the architectural workplace.

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