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Sparking Interest

This program is intended to increase children’s exposure to the architectural world, develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and collaboration. Students will be exposed to architectural concepts that will elevate their curiosity for the built environment. We hope to foster an interest in the profession for children who may not otherwise be exposed, and to lay the groundwork for future generations of architects.

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How It Works

AIA Illinois will match up a volunteer architect with your organization who will provide an age-appropriate lesson and activity that will engage discussion and collaboration.

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AIA Illinois created this activity with the hope of exposing kids to the concept of architecture. In order to influence and motivate the next generation of architects, it never hurts to get them interested at a young age!

Below we've included the pdf for the Washington Monument Template. The template is free, and we encourage all parents to try this activity with their children. This project will help kids understand the importance of creativity, physics, and mathematics.

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