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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for LICENSED and UNLICENSED Employees

The State of Illinois created a Sexual Harassment Prevention Training course for non-licensed workers in the state. Every employer in the State of Illinois is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training that complies with section 2-109 of the Illinois Human Rights Act (“IHRA”). All employees regardless of their status (i.e. short-term, part-time, or intern) must be trained. If an employer has an independent contractor working on-site with the employer’s staff, the independent contractor should receive sexual harassment prevention training.

Individuals are to review the information here, sign the certificate at the and and keep it for their files.



AIA Illinois partnered with National to created an Illinois-centric course and make it avaialble to our members through their virtual university. The course is available here.

Contribute to a more respectful, effective, and efficient culture by understanding, exercising, and protecting an individual’s right to a sexual harassment-free workplace in the state of Illinois.

Description Harassment, especially sexual harassment, along with related issues of discrimination and retaliation, bullying, and uncivil behavior that can occur in the workplace can cause harm, create stress, and distract everyone from doing their jobs efficiently and well. This interactive, scenario-based course discusses the laws that prohibit harassment in the workplace and protect our rights as individuals. It also covers topics related to fairness, civility, and respect. In addition to knowing your own rights, it is your responsibility to follow your employer’s policies and do your part in keeping your workplace free from unlawful conduct like discrimination and harassment.

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31 באוק׳ 2022

How do I sign up for Sexual Harassment course. Harassment Prevention: A Commonsense Approach for Illinois Employees. I don't see how to engage this offering.

Mary Young
Mary Young
13 ביולי 2023
בתשובה לפוסט של

Hello Danielle,

I will reach out to National to see what might be going on with that course. In the meantime, here is another option for training:

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