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COVID-19 UPDATE: Three Regions Enter Tier 2 + Vaccine Rollout

Governor JB Pritzker announced late last week that three regions in the state can move to reduced COVID mitigation levels, and a rollout of vaccine distribution plan. Governor Pritzker announced that the state will move forward with an aggressive Vaccine Plan with hundreds of additional providers coming online in the coming days as the state moves to complete Phase 1A. The state anticipates substantially completing Phase 1A this week and moving into Phase 1B of the Vaccine Plan on January 25, 2021, at which point residents over the age of 65 and frontline essential workers can receive the vaccine.

Effective immediately, Region 1: Northern Illinois, Region 2: North-Central Illinois, and Region 5: Southern Illinois – will move down into Tier 2. Each of these Tiers serves as a way to ensure that we prevent or slow down any potential surge of infections in response to more things opening up. You can see all the details of each Tier at the IDPH website at

Chicago Tribune: How can Seniors Sign Up?


View Vaccine Rollout FAQs Here

View Vaccine Admin Data Here

IDPH Vaccination Planning Guide

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