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Third of Three-Part Series:

Bird-Safe State Buildings with Audubon Great Lakes

In the next several weeks legislators will be considering a big new step in Illinois, the HB 247 State Bird Safe Buildings Act, which will require state buildings that are newly constructed or significantly altered to include bird safe materials in their construction. Each year in Illinois we lose thousands of birds due to collisions. 


  • John Rowden - National Audubon Society | Senior Director

  • John E. Just - Walker Glass | Architectural Manager

  • Annette Prince - Chicago Bird Collision Monitors | Director

  • Carl Giometti, AIA | Moderator - Perkins & Will | Project Architect

Second of Three-Part Series:

Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) with

Illinois Green Alliance


Join hosts Stacey Pfingsten, Executive Vice President, AIA Illinois, and Brian Imus, Executive Director, Illinois Green Alliance for the second event in our virtual Prairie Grassroots series: Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA). Learn about the sections of the bill that pertain to energy efficiency in buildings and a call to action for our upcoming CEJA Lobby Day.


  • Anne McKibbin - Elevate | Policy Director

  • Isaac Elnecave - Passive House Institute US | Certification Staff

  • Tucker Barry - Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) | Communications Director

First of Three-Part Series:

Historic Tax Credit as Tool for Post-Pandemic Recovery with Landmarks Illinois

Recording Coming Soon

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