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Register Today for Prairie Grassroots Lobby Day
I know. 
You're sick of politics. 
You're beyond frustrated at the dysfunction that seems to define our government. And you're frankly embarrassed by Illinois' so-called leadership. 
Fair enough. 
Who can blame you? We are in uncharted waters with a state budget showdown going on nine months with no end in sight. The political dynamics are challenging but the stakes are as high as ever. And the need is vital for citizen architects to show up and speak up in times like these. What Pericles said centuries ago still rings true. "Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."

In just over one week, we will have our annual lobby day on behalf of the profession. April 5th is the day for architects to take their message to lawmakers in Springfield. And that message is a simple one. Architects are ready, willing and able to help get the Illinois economy moving again. But we need help. 
First of all, we need a budget that pays firms for the work they've done for state agencies, colleges and universities. Next, we need to restart the 220 projects statewide that were shut down last July and left undone and unprotected. Then we need a new plan for investing in our communities because when architects work, many other workers soon follow. And finally we need an efficient, effective and proven way to engage local companies in public sector projects. That's a message crafted by architects for architects. No one can share that message quite as well was you. Because your voice matters and your vote counts. 

Join with your colleagues next week and register following the link below. 


Mike Waldinger, EVP 
AIA Illinois
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