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Message from the AIA Illinois 2016 President

 Change is inevitable, but it seems like our world and profession are changing  faster than ever before. During this time of hard economic rebound, an evolving  industry will yield many challenges. But with all challenges come great  opportunities. AIA Illinois is not only up for these challenges but, I believe, will  lead the path to strengthen a new evolution in the architectural and construction  industry!


 AIA Illinois has a strong history of leadership within the profession and outreach  within Illinois. This strong historic foundation will steady our growth into the  future. As your 2016 President, AIA Illinois will continue to focus on leadership,  advocacy, and outreach, and build on this foundation. Architecture is at an  interesting time, as the demand and need for energy-efficient and disaster-  resistant construction is at an all-time high. Technology improvements will help in  the future, but good, efficient design helps today. We must improve our practices  and continue to lead the way to solving future challenges.


Richard C. (Rik) Master
 AIA Illinois 2016 President
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