Legislative Priorities

Signifies a Prairie Grassroots Lobby Day Issue 



OPPOSE Senate Bill 2897: Interior Design Seal 
Sponsor: Sen. Heather Steans


Some interior designers are trying to carve out practice rights for work currently done by licensed design professionals like architects and engineers. Giving a seal to interior designers for building plans would add time, cost and confusion to projects and permits, with no public benefit. That's why more than a dozen design, construction, retail, regulatory and municipal groups join AIA Illinois in opposing giving interior designers a seal and why similar efforts have failed in every session.

  • 47 states do not recognize Interior Design as a Licensed Practice
  • Interior designers do not have the necessary education to provide life/safety work
  • This will add more costs to projects, municipalities and consumers

SUPPORT Senate Bill 2869: Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Sponsors: Sen. Pam Althoff and Sen. Andy Manar


A coalition of developers, investors, building and trade groups and non-profit organizations is promoting the Illinois Rehabilitation and Revitalization Tax Credit to encourage private investment in historic properties. Urban, suburb an and rural communities across the state benefit from the jobs and positive economic impact generated through the credit, which leverages federal dollars and is used extensively in 35 other states and returns up to $10 for every $1 invested.

SUPPORT Senate Bill 3198: School Construction Projects
Sen. John G. Mulroe 


Procurement awards for building projects have drifted further into energy performance contracts which are often sole-sourced and come with a 25-year contract. It's time to clean up the process with accountability, transparency, and quality. If not done properly, these projects become entangled in lawsuits and give building operation decisions to third party vendors without any proven savings.

AIA ALERT: Deferred Maintenance Funding

With each passing day, deferred maintenance piles up on the buildings currently used by the State until it gets bad enough to shut off dangerous water supplies and barricade properties deemed unsafe.  The longer we wait, the more taxpayers will send good money after bad. The backlog of deferred maintenance is at $7 Billion and climbing. Illinois hasn't enacted a capital funding plan since FY2010. These are not abstract statistics. The true cost of neglecting buildings is all too real at places like the Quincy Veterans Home.