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Maintaining Visibility in the Governmental Process 

Contributing to the Illinois Architects Political Action Committee is an important way to participate in the political process. Coupled with a positive and proactive lobbying approach, IAPAC plays an ever more important role in maintaining the visibility of architects in the governmental process.

We encourage AIA members to contribute the financial equivalent of one billable hour to make IAPAC stronger.

Donate online through PayPal HERE:

When donating online, be sure to let us know if we can include your contribution in AIA Illinois communications by clicking the spot indicated below (click to enlarge):

Don't want to give your info online? Print out this form and mail in your contribution.

Thanks to the members and friends who have contributed:

Alexander Block, AIA
Andreas Symeonides, AIA
Anthony P Lobello, AIA
Barry Bebart, AIA
Bradley Klein, AIA
Brandy Koch, AIA
Catherine Baker, AIA
Charles Smith, AIA
Charlie Klecha, AIAS National President-Elect
Corda Murphy, AIA
Dan Steider, AIA
David Lewis Bradley, AIA ACC
David Urschel, AIA
Dawn Schuette, AIA
Donald Tippet, AIA
Dorthea Martin, AIA
Edvin Mertdogan, AIA
Ellen Dickson, AIA
George Reigle, AIA
Jack Kremers, AIA
James A. Maciejewski, AIA
James R Lev, AIA
Janeen A Harrell, AIA
Jeff Jarvis, AIA
Jeffery Flemming, AIA
John Bishop, AIA
John Ochoa, AIA
John T. Saunders, AIA
Jonathon Carstens, AIA
Joseph Villanti, AIA
Karen Shoup, AIA
Katherine Darnstadt, AIA
Kelsey D. Kauffman, AIA
Kimberly Kurtenbach, AIA
Kyle O'Connell, AIA
Leanne Meyer-Smith, AIA
Leonard Koroski, FAIA
Lisa Clemmons Stott
Marcus Powell, AIA
Mark Ritz, AIA
Mark Schwamel, AIA
Mary Brush, AIA
Michael A. Shymanski, AIA
Michael Rogers, AIA
Mike Waldinger, Hon. AIA
Nootan Bharani, AIA
Paul O’Shea, AIA
Robert Forest, AIA
Robert Selby, AIA
Ryan Bloom, AIA
Stephen E. Flint, AIA
Steve Blye, AIA
Terence Moeller, AIA
Tim Moran, AIA
Timothy J. Trompeter, AIA
Timothy McGrath, AIA
Walter D. Street, AIA
Walter Hainsfuther, AIA
Walter Street III, AIA
William Bradford, AIA
Zurich Esposito