Citizen Architect
  Using Your Talents Outside of Your Practice

What is a Citizen Architect?

According to the guidelines established by AIA, a Citizen Architect:

  • Uses her/his insights, talents, training and experience to contribute meaningfully, beyond self, to the improvement of the community and human condition.
  • Stays informed on local, state and federal issues, and makes time for service to the community.
  • Advocates for higher living standards, the creation of a sustainable environment, quality of life, and the greater good.
  • Seeks to advocate for the broader purposes of architecture through civic activism, writing and publishing, by gaining appointment to boards and commissions, and through elective office at all levels of government.

Illinois' Publication about Citizen Architects

The annual AIA Illinois publication The Citizen Architect covers advocacy and engagement, which is always ranked as the activity that the state component does best and members want most. The publication highlights architects and interns who have accepted the challenge to live their profession as Citizen Architects, and also includes mid-year assessments of our legislative activities.

2014 Citizen Architect

Citizen Architect Fall 2013

Professional Development

For those seeking to become more involved as a Citizen Architect, we recommend the following leadership development and civic engagement activities: 

  • Grassroots Annual Leadership and Legislative Conference (Washington, DC)
  • Prairie Grassroots (Springfield)
  • Citizen Architect Exchange (New Orleans)
  • Leadership Institute (biannual)
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment Team Training