Advocacy Work

"Architecture profoundly affects people. The work of architecture is essential to human well being, and architects must embrace their ethical obligation to uphold this public trust." - AIA Directory of Public Policy and Position Statements

AIA Illinois is guided by the duty and honor to serve our members, their clients along with our communities and the public at large. In that spirit of civic engagement and public service, we share the fundamental principles which we believe as fellow citizens and as the voice of the architecture profession in Illinois.

AIA Illinois seeks to support the growth of each of our communities and the state. We recognize the diversity of communities and interests within the state, but seek to find common ground to achieve better, safer communities while maximizing our public investments. We look to develop direction based on a set of principles, and make these principles and policies permanent and transparent to our members, the legislature, and the general public. Specific legislative positions will be reviewed based on these policies. The intent is to show architects as activists and leaders within our communities and to provide value to our membership, advocating at multiple levels:

1. Within the AIA, and the profession of architecture, creating higher standards for ourselves.

2. Within the design and construction industry.

3. To the public and each of our communities.

4. To our legislators - providing expertise and leadership.

5. To state what we believe with knowledge and passion, creating
    opportunities for the profession and AIA Illinois to provide leadership.

Working with industry colleagues, AIA Illinois will offer a nonpartisan perspective to create partnerships, provide information, and assist in the development of policy and advocacy efforts to facilitate discussions of community design and professional integrity. We do this not for our own sake but to provide more opportunities for neighborhoods, communities, regions, and the state. We welcome any ally in this cause and encourage any leader to advance such an agenda.