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Executive Vice President 
Mike Waldinger , Hon. AIA

Mike has been with AIA Illinois since 2001 and is the chief staff executive. He reports to the board and works with the staff team and volunteer leaders to help set the strategic direction for the organization with a particular emphasis on the core mission of advancing the profession through advocacy initiatives.



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Eric Klinner , CAE

Eric has been with AIA Illinois since 2006. He is responsible for member recruitment, retention, and support. He also works closely with the Board as liaison, maintains the membership mailing list as well as accounts payable and general office management. Please contact Eric should you need information about becoming a member or assistance with understanding benefits.



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Mary Young

Mary joined AIA Illinois in 2001. Her responsibilities include events and meeting planning, from speakers to sponsorships. Mary can also help you if you have questions about Mandatory Continuing Education or your transcript.



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Dan Hohl

Dan came to AIA Illinois in February 2013, and is the primary point of contact for all government relations efforts, including lobbying and administrating the Illinois Architect Political Action Committee. If you want to increase your participation as a Citizen Architect or District Champion, please contact Dan.



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Catherine OConnor , AIA Illinois

The newest member of AIA IL staff, Catherine is responsible for developing strategic outreach communications to provide greater visibility among primary stakeholders, AIA members, public officials, media and building design affiliate industries.
By working to generate engaging content that elevates messaging through existing publications, newsletters, web and social media presence, AIA is working to enhance the world changing impact of architects and architecture in Illinois. If you have program recommendations, developments, or projects that could be publicized to further the work of AIA, please contact Catherine.